Custom Jobs


Here at Miami Industrial Supply, we relish custom jobs.  Our professionals are experienced technicians who look at every new opportunity as a creative outlet.  Below, we’ve detailed a few sample scenarios in which we excel.  We hope to add yours to them soon.

  • A plastics company purchases new machines and needs custom hoses to connect certain parts.  We dispatch a technician to take a look, and he soon returns to the shop with a good picture of the project ahead.  By the end of that day or early the next morning, we deliver the specialized hoses back to the satisfied customer complete with adaptor or whatever else the hose needed to work effectively.  Thanks to our assistance, production is then able to go on as usual.
  • An order for a luxury coach is called in to our office.  A grand trailer has been built that requires customized hydraulics.  Our technicians take a look, size up the project, and outfit the coach with all the necessary fittings.  We carry odd fittings just in case; you’ll find metric, caterpillar, EST and British Standard versions in our warehouse.
  • In the middle of an otherwise productive work day, a hose breaks.  A Miami Industrial Supply technician is quickly dispatched and takes care of the problem.

Feel secure hiring us for custom jobs.  After all, we’re licensed, bonded and insured, and though we bill ourselves as Northeast Oklahoma’s destination for all things industrial, we also employ very talented, specialized technicians who assess and complete custom jobs expertly.