Thanks to us, Northeast Oklahoma businesses are able to circulate fresh air indoors year-round.  We’re considered a supply house for every filter a business could possibly require, and our ability to deliver orders quickly means that old, clogged filters are able to be replaced expediently.  We supply all makes and sizes of filters to surrounding businesses, including casinos, office buildings and more.  Call or email us to request more information about the purchase and delivery of:

  • Filters with a high efficiency rating- The higher the rating, the smaller the particles it will capture.
  • Charcoal filters- These filters can be used over and over.  When air quality begins to decrease, they likely need to be cleaned.
  • Filters of sizes imaginable- We specialize in both standard and odd measurements, and we purchase most of our supply direct in order to pass the savings on to you.
  • Related products- Besides our sizable filter stock, we also keep ozone generators and smoke detectors on hand and will do our best to locate any other air conditioning need you may have.   

Make an arrangement with us to send you new filters every 30-45 days, and you’ll always have a fresh supply.  Our Miami Industrial Supply professionals deliver within a 35-40 mile radius, and can include janitorial supplies, plumbing implements, tools, fasteners and more in your order.