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Commercial and Industrial Sites
Large quantities of waste are typically generated at both commercial and industrial sites. Miami  Industrial Supply can provide you with 30 yard or 40 yard roll-off containers for these large demand circumstances. We will pick-up, empty, and return the container on your schedule. Give us a call at 918-542-6317 and we’ll discuss your specific needs.

Don’t waste away. Miami Industrial Supply is here to help you with that part of the job. Whether you’re located at a construction, commercial,
or industrial site our goals are to meet your waste disposal needs and provide you with excellent customer service. We accomplish thisin a number of ways.
  • Miami Industrial Supply is privately owned. We  give you the personal service you can’t find with a national company.
  • We work individually with you and make our services fit into your schedule.
  • We guarantee we’ll pick up a full container at pre-arranged times or when you call us.
  • We are AA – always available.  For immediate service call us at  918-542-6317
  • Our 30 and 40 yard containers are designed specifically to hold all the debris characteristic at construction, commercial, and industrial locations.  
  • We also offer a compacting system to compress large items. This increases the amount of waste that can be disposed per container. Consequently fewer pick-ups of full containers are required; a cost benefit to you.

Types of Waste Removal

Construction: Preparation, During the Job, and Cleanup
You’ve got plenty to think about as you begin to launch this project. Who would think waste removal would be uppermost in your mind as you plan the process? But it is something to consider and it is significant.
Getting off to the right start even before construction begins is necessary to a successful job. If site preparation is done correctly you’ll likely begin your project ahead of schedule and within budget. Part of the preparation involves removing debris which enables grading to be done correctly. We at Miami Industrial Supply will do our part and provide you with excellent equipment and service in terms of waste removal.
A clean construction site not only looks good, it allows for easy traffic flow, and can reduce the number of potential hazards and accidents. During the course of the project we’ll make sure that you have a place to put all the construction debris; and you’ll know it will be attended to in an expeditious and efficient manner.
Ending the job right is also important to a successful project. Cleanup is an important part in the completion phase. Once again, our services at Miami Industrial Supply will help your cleanup move forward in an efficient manner.

Some of the projects we can supply containers to include:
  • Industrial or Commercial Building Clean-Outs 
  • Industrial office buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Schools
  • Nursing facilities
  • Car washes
  • Building renovations
  • Landscaping jobs
  • Restaurants
  • And many more

Roll-Off Dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters are used for many purposes. A roll-off dumpster may be used by an individual who is doing some remodeling in his home. Or a contractor may use one while a new house is being built. Any job that results in large amounts of debris could probably benefit from some type of waste management provider.

Usually, roll-off dumpsters are obtained from a company specializing in this service. There are several advantages in using this type of company. There will most likely be a variety of dumpster sizes from which to choose. The service allows you to fit the use of the roll-off into your schedule. The dumpster is dropped off and removed by professionals. It also eliminates the need for multiple trips to a landfill. In addition, it will save wear and tear on a personal or business-owned vehicle.

What can be put in a roll-off dumpster?

Although disposal of a wide variety of materials is permissible, there are certain items that are prohibited, depending on the laws in your area. For example, construction waste and yard waste are generally acceptable; whereas, toxins, explosives, and other contaminants are prohibited.

Miami Industrial Supply – Your Choice for Roll-Off Dumpster Service

Using a roll-off dumpster is an efficient way to get rid of the debris that accumulates during a project. Miami Industrial Supply, located in Miami, Oklahoma, offers a variety of sizes of roll-off dumpsters. We can work with you to help you determine which size is appropriate for your job. Our reliable and professional team will arrive for both drop off and removal at the specified time. We will answer your questions in regards to what can and cannot be disposed of and any other details in respect to your situation.